25 January 2021


BIFA’s annual awards took place today and we are delighted to announce that Simarco received the 2020 BIFA Air Cargo Services Award.

During 2020 Simarco’s Airfreight Operations team assisted many Global companies with the movement of PPE Equipment, telecommunication equipment for families to stay in touch and lifesaving hospital equipment for the Nightingale hospitals and more.

Working with one client, in particular whose customer, a major healthcare distributor in the USA for soap dispensers, based on several thousand items per year being supplied by ocean freight. At the beginning of last year, due to the COVID outbreak the US customer requirements changed significantly.

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Irish Customs Update

06 January 2021

Northern Ireland Customs Clearance

Following the finalised Brexit Agreement, we now have a clear understanding of the processes required for Northern Ireland Customs Clearances.

 As from the 1st January 2021, to guarantee a smooth door to door transit for shipments to Northern Ireland, Simarco will be processing all Northern Ireland Customs Clearances “OnLine” from our Terminals in Witham and Stoke via the TSS System.


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ASM Sequoia platform helping Simarco as it prepares for Customs declarations on Northern Ireland shipments post-Brexit

24th August 2020


A survey of customers using ASM’s Sequoia Customs clearance software has revealed many are worried the new procedures will damage their business

London, UK, Monday, 24th August 2020 : Agency Sector Management’s (ASM) Sequoia Customs clearance platform is helping Simarco Worldwide Logistics prepare for plans by the UK Government to introduce Customs declarations on freight moving between Northern Ireland (NI) and Great Britain (GB).

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Double Duty Jeopardy

31 July 2020

Many companies have stock in their warehouses on which they have already paid duty but which they have been unable to sell because of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Thanks to the current absence of any agreement on the matter, if those firms haven't sold such duty-paid produce into Europe by the first of January, they will be forced to pay the very same duty all over again because, of course, the UK will no longer be a part of the European Union.

Even the most conservative estimates for the sums involved run into billions of pounds.

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22 July 2020

Simarco has been a prominent figure in the local community and is proud of its connections with so many organisations, charities, sponsorship and events for Witham and the surrounding area.

One Partnership, which is proving very successful is the collaboration with the Maltings and New Rickstones Academies.   Simarco has been involved in several initiatives.

Trevor Scott, Simarco’s Managing Director is passionate about the future of the logistics industry and encouraging school leavers into this sector.  When he was approached by Essex County Council to become an Enterprise Advisor, he grabbed the opportunity.   The logistics industry is an unknown entity to most school leavers and so this was the gateway to promote the skillsets required.  He has been on many panel discussions with educational leadership teams to future proof and develop their careers programme to encourage young adults into the industry.

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