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Simarco is an established, award winning provider of international logistic and freight services, and we provide a wide range of tailored solutions for clients' throughout the UK, Europe and Globally across all Worldwide trade routes.


Our Latest News

Double Duty Jeopardy


31 July 2020

Many companies have stock in their warehouses on which they have already paid duty but which they have been unable to sell because of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Thanks to the current absence of any agreement on the matter, if those firms haven't sold such duty-paid produce into Europe by the first of January, they will be forced to pay the very same duty all over again because, of course, the UK will no longer be a part of the European Union.

Even the most conservative estimates for the sums involved run into billions of pounds.

Nevertheless, it could be resolved by introducing an amnesty period for duty-paid goods.

Ministers, though, maintain that the responsibility to do so rests with Brussels and not Westminster.

With time fast running out to tackle the issue before the end of the year, many export businesses and their freight partners have already decided to off-shore their storage provision, setting up warehouse solutions in mainland Europe.

Whilst that may avoid the double duty dilemma - and, therefore, a difficult decision about cutbacks in order to meet the tax bill - it will ultimately result in UK jobs being lost and transferred to the Continent.

Such an entirely avoidable outcome cannot be right.

Simon Reed – Chief Executive


22 July 2020

Simarco has been a prominent figure in the local community and is proud of its connections with so many organisations, charities, sponsorship and events for Witham and the surrounding area.

One Partnership, which is proving very successful is the collaboration with the Maltings and New Rickstones Academies.   Simarco has been involved in several initiatives.

Trevor Scott, Simarco’s Managing Director is passionate about the future of the logistics industry and encouraging school leavers into this sector.  When he was approached by Essex County Council to become an Enterprise Advisor, he grabbed the opportunity.   The logistics industry is an unknown entity to most school leavers and so this was the gateway to promote the skillsets required.  He has been on many panel discussions with educational leadership teams to future proof and develop their careers programme to encourage young adults into the industry.   

Simarco has been a regular visitor to the careers open day events at the Academies and with their forward-thinking approach Simarco has an excellent Apprenticeship programme.  Simarco offer successful school leavers, the opportunity to join their Scheme working in conjunction with South Essex College.  This has been a great success with almost all students achieving BTEC qualifications in business administration and logistics.  They also boast that most trainees have become valid employees within the areas they excelled.  This programme enhances their ethos to promote careers for young adults into the logistics sector.

The last 4 months have been a challenging time for the education system.  Schools, pupils and parents are feeling the effects of COVID-19.  More so, are those who are on the Free School Meals programme which has also highlighted the shortage of advanced online learning capabilities.  Simarco recently announced that they would be pleased to donate ten Chromebooks which will make a huge difference to those students struggling to keep up with their studies.

Simon Reed, Chief Executive at Simarco commented “We are delighted to continue our support for local schools and charities. With so many kids in internet poverty in this country, we realise how important it is for us to continue to help our community.”

Damian Lee, Headteacher from Rickstones Academy quotes “As an academy we have enjoyed a great partnership with Simarco over the past few years where they have provided our students with great careers advice and for many ex-students, employment opportunities. 

For them to recognise the difficulties that some students have in being able to access computer facilities and then provide us with these Chromebooks is both amazing and heart whelming. It shows a real commitment on their part to support their local community.”

The relationship between Simarco and the Academies has been very positive and look forward to seeing what the future holds.


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